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Transparency in the Supply Chain

Hunkemöller is committed to publishing Tier 1 supplier information to help advance workers’ human rights and ethical business practices in garment and textile supply chains, in line with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Tier 1 factories are those involved in the final manufacturing stage of the product and its packaging for shipping. We are committed to increasing transparency and disclosing deeper levels of our supply chain in the future.

We do not own any of the factories in which our products are manufactured: the factories that we use also produce for other brands and retailers. We work with a network of suppliers with years of technical expertise in their respective fields with whom we have built close and collaborative relationships. Working with a limited number of key long-term suppliers helps us to really know them, understand their needs and challenges and so conduct business in a sustainable and responsible manner. We are proud of our suppliers and our mutual efforts to uphold the best social and environmental due diligence standards. We believe that being transparent allows brands to collaborate with civil societies and other organizations to identify, assess, and avoid actual or potential adverse human rights and environmental risks impacts. It also enables workers to assert their rights, hold brands accountable and allows consumer to make informed decisions about their purchases. We will update the data twice a year.

Please click here to download Hunkemöller’s factory list.


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